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Preservationist group wants to save Atlanta Civic Center from demolition

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An Atlanta preservationist group wants to see the Atlanta Civic Center be re-used though the Atlanta Housing Authority has re-development plans for the property that include affordable housing.

Surrounded by fence, Charles Lawrence calls the Atlanta Civic Center architecturally difficult to love. Lawrence is part of Historic Atlanta, a group that is now pushing to preserve the Atlanta Civic Center from demolition. 

"The style the form and there's a lot of windowless walls but it really represents it's place in time," said Lawrence.

Completed in 1968, the building has been closed in recent years. 

"It's missing a lot of the elements people consider important today like a sidewalk approachable elevation," said Lawrence.

The City of Atlanta owned the Civic Center had plans to sell it to a developer who had site plans that were of mixed-use  development that included demolition.

"It's irresponsible to assume demolition is I going to be the place to begin and walk it back from that."

But ultimately the city sold the property to the Atlanta Housing Authority who would redevelopment the space, pushing affordability. 

"It's been under used and under maintained for a very long time and it just never got the upgrades it needed to function well as a contemporary modern performance space."

After many conversations, the group took their idea of preservation to Atlanta Housing. 

"What we've found is there's been a great reception i think the City and Atlanta housing have been really willing to explore and discuss the significance of the site."

The group emphasizes that there could be  many ways to reuse the Civic Center and they will continue to engage in conversation with Atlanta Housing to see how they plan to approach the future of this building. 

"Nobody ever regrets saving a building but there's plenty of regrets about tearing a building down."

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