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Atlanta man convicted of murder, necrophilia after killing woman in 2013, sentenced to life plus 40 years

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An Atlanta man was convicted of murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, necrophilia, burglary and tampering with evidence after he brutally beat and strangled a 60-year-old woman. 

The incident happened in April 2013 at the Town and Country Motel on Metropolitan Parkway in Southwest Atlanta. Wallace Muhammed, 48, broke into Linda Jarrard’s room and viciously beat and strangled her. He then had sex with her corpse before burning the body in the bathtub.

Muhammed broke into Jarrard’s room by removing a window pane, reaching in and unlocking the motel room door. He initially told police he believed the room was empty and that he was there to seek shelter.

Muhammed later admitted during the trial that he knew someone was in the room. Jarrard heard what sounded like someone breaking into the room and stepped out of the bathroom to see what was happening.

Jarrard screamed and threatened to call police, but Muhammed attacked her and began hitting her, causing a brain hemorrhage. He then began to choke her, using so much force that a bone in Jarrard’s neck broke. She died as a result of the strangulation.

Muhammed then had sex with Jarrard’s corpse and then took her body into the bathroom to burn it. He then fled the hotel room. The owner of the Town and Country Motel discovered Jarrard’s body and called 911.

Muhammed’s DNA was a match after the GBI processed the sexual assault kit and ran the results through the Combined DNA Index System. His DNA was also found under Jarrard’s fingernails.

Muhammed’s DNA was located in the CODIS system because he had previously been arrested 32 times. When confronted with the DNA evidence, Muhammed confessed. However, he entered a not guilty plea before going to trial.

Muhammed was convicted and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, plus 40 years. 

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