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New traffic signals may ease congestion in Gwinnett County

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With thousands of people moving to Gwinnett County every year, traffic is a growing problem and congestion has some drivers seeing red.

Shandra of Snellville says driving in throughout the county can be dangerous, especially while picking up her daughter from daycare during rush hour.

"It's a hassle getting in and out of the daycare, always. No one wants to let you in."

To help the growing traffic problems, the county transportation department is adding smart signals to local roads.

Thomas Sever, Gwinnett County Deputy Director of Traffic Engineering, says dozens of these cameras will be placed at intersections, allowing the department to monitor and control traffic signal computers.

"We'll be able to make adjustments, hopefully making their commute times no worse than what they are today," says Sever.

The multi-million dollar project will focus on four high-traffic areas in the county, including one at Give Forks Trickum Road where Shandra drives her daughter to daycare.

"Maybe the traffic will move much smoother than what it is now. Something is better than nothing."

The county tells CBS46 they'll start the project at the end of the month and hope to have it completed within a year.

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