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Douglas Co. Board of Commissioners discuss coroner spending at center of CBS46 Bulldog investigation

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Douglas County Coroner Renee Godwin was to face the Board of Commissioners Monday, but sent her deputies instead. The topic? Our investigation questioning budget blowing spending, and questionable protocols by the coroner.     

Residents spoke up, "You've got to stop some people who do whatever they want to do," said one man.

And one commissioner, "Every citizen of this county should be concerned if someone is defrauding the county; we all pay taxes," said commissioner Ann Jones Guider.

She called out one of the coroner's part timers, who admitted today, he drives a county issued car home to Fulton County.

"I dont know of any other part time employee who has a county issued car," said Guider.

In our original report, we also revealed, up until recently, coroner Godwin worked a job 30 miles away while serving as the part time coroner. Meanwhile, she asked to increase her staff, with approval from the commissioners.

"The investigations and the transports, do you have any idea what percentage she does?" asked Guider to one of her deputies. "Not at this time," he replied.

The coroner herself couldn't answer that when we asked. Telling us in a statement, "I do not keep a log on the number of calls that I respond to."
Another commissioner seemed to blow this off. Implying, the coroner's paltry budget isn't really worthy their time.

"The coroner is responsible for [$200,000]. Lets keep this in perspective, he said.

When someone brought up the new 24K freezer the coroner bought, the same commissioner didn't seem to know why or how it was approved.  

"Again, I dont understand any of this," said Kelly Robinson.

He added, "They are elected; if they choose to lift a pencil or not lift a pencil; that's not my job to sit and tell them what to do."

During the meeting, the commission chairwoman, Dr. Romona Jackson Jones, who told us last week she was fine with the coroner's spending, said, "I don't want to react. I wont react. But ... I'm gonna keep my eye on the sparrow for the citizens."

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