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Blue Ridge granny reigns as "Burger Queen"

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Home on Oakwood Court is now quieter.

"It’s a quiet neighborhood," 90-year-old widow Margaret Goddard.

Last year, Margaret Goddard lost her brother and before that, her husband of 51 years.

"It gets lonesome sometimes," said Goddard.

Now at 90, passing the time, doesn’t come easy.

"I like to read in my Bible and stuff like that and so," said Goddard. "I sowed a little bit, but not whole lot."

But there is one seed Margaret sowed. When she had had enough of the silence.

"You know I’m going to come back when I’m 90-years-old and get a job. Ha, ha," said one employee.

At the Burger King in Blueridge, there’s a special ingredient you won’t find on the menu. And it’s hard for Margaret to be lonely when she’s surrounded by friendly customers and co-workers.

"She’s a God send. I call her my golden girl because she’s 90 years old, she still wants to be in the work force. She still wants to be among people," said Debbie Reed, the Assistant Manager of Burger King.

"Somebody has to stay and wash the dishes and they know I’ll do it. Ha, ha," said Goddard.

She took the job at Burger King couple of months ago.

"She says can you come in in the morning to work?  I said 'yeah'," said Goddard.

And just like any new employee, there’s on-the-job training. 

"I heard she was 90-years-old and I was like (jaw drops) 90-years-old and she works like that.  Oh my gosh," said one employee. "We need more people that can work like that. Young people that can actually work like that. "

Incredibly, nothing seems to stop Margaret. She works three days a week and always puts in extra hours.

"Somebody asked me the other day why in the world do you work there and I said for a pay day!  That’s what most people work for.  Ha, ha," said Goddard.

She’s blended in tremendously with all the employees here. They kind of treat her like a Granny," said Reed.

She’s a granny who is fit for a king and without a doubt the "Burger Queen."

But at the end of each shift, Margaret returns home where there’s no one to talk to and plenty of time to reflect.

"I always look forward to going back to work, getting up and going.  Ha, ha," said Goddard. "I just thank the good lord that I can still get up and go."

When you have faith like Margaret living in loneliness is a temporary place and blessings are just around the corner. 

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