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Dogs vs. snakes: Protecting your pets

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Dogs and snakes don't mix, at least that's the warning area vets are putting out to pet owners. In Cobb County several people have reported their dogs being bit.

Many Mableton residents have seen snakes and posted pictures in neighborhood forums.

Robert Morgan, Jr. has a 12-year-old mixed breed dog, and says he's has run-ins with snakes as well.

"We actually got a notice of that. They found two snakes in our pool house," says Morgan.

Doctor James Golden is an associate vet at the Ark Animal Hospital. He says copperheads are the most common venomous snake in the area.

He also says venomous or not owners should seek medical attention immediately if their dog is bitten.

"Any snake bite is still very critical that you pay attention to. Make sure you get it treated. Like I said, make sure you wash it out and get them to the hospital so they can be monitored so the tissue doesn't become dead or what have you."

Washing a wound is recommended but Dr. Golden says be careful what you use.

"Just regular soap and water will work. Make sure we are not using hydrogen peroxide. A lot of owners think as us, as people, hydrogen peroxide on our wounds is helpful so with their skin it's not that great so just regular soap and water will do fine with that."

Golden recommends when you take your dog out keep them on a leash so you can control where they are sniffing around.

If you want to try and keep snakes away from your yard, there are chemical you can buy at hardware stores to keep them away.

Old remedies like sulfur, lye or moth balls can also be used, but some debate whether those truly do any good.

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