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Massive tire dump to be cleaned up

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Three months after CBS46 exposed one of the largest illegal tire dumps in the state, we continue to work on a solution. 

Linda Rice never imagined a massive tire dump in her community would still be a problem months after exposing the eyesore.

"Why does it take so long? Bureaucratic BS, that is DeKalb County," Linda Rice, neighbor.

The dump site is located on George Luther Drive at Durham Park Road, next to an abandoned maintenance facility belonging to the Georgia Department of Transportation.  

The CBS46 drone flew over the river of tires in February and nothing has been done to clean them up since.    

"It takes them for freakin' ever to do anything," said Rice.

Residents said GDOT vacated the property about 5-years-ago and that's when the illegal dumpers moved in. Now the mosquitoes have taken over.

But after CBS46 relentlessly pressed the environmental protection division about the clean-up, they finally hired a contractor to remove the tires and properly dispose of them.

"Today I'm going to move and stage the tires and get them up. You can't really load them where they are. You've got to kind of move them up to a better area to load," Will Tharps with W.E.T.T. Services.

Crews will begin removing the tires from the property on Wednesday. It's a job that will take about two months to complete. 

After a thorough investigation, state officials were unable to determine who's responsible for dumping the tires.  

The Georgia EPD released this information regarding the cleanup of the site: 

Contract for cleaning up the scrap tires has been awarded to W.E.T.T. Services

  • Contract start date:  May 10, 2018
  • W.E.T.T. Services plans to begin removing tires this week and expects to remove an average of three truckloads per week (Approximately 1500 tires per truckload). 
  • Based on the number of loads, the site should be cleaned up by July 31st.  The contractor will give us weekly updates to make sure the site cleanup is progressing according to schedule.

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