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Federal safety investigators recommend school bus seat belts

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The law says you have to wear a seat belt when you get in your car. 

Kids who take the bus to school don't have to wear one; however, federal safety investigators are now recommending some school buses have seatbelts.

Deadly crashes in Maryland and Tennessee sparked the National Transportation Safety Board to recommend the new safety enhancements for school buses "ranging from lap/shoulder belts to technologies such as electronic stability control, automatic emergency braking, and event data recorders."

CBS46 spoke to parents that say it's about time.

"You definitely think a shoulder harness is a good idea," asked Mike Dunston. "Yes, because they can be safe while they sit in the seats while the bus driver is moving," said Diane Brown.

"Every other day a school bus gets in a crash kids die, and the seatbelts will help, I know they have them on the short buses, so why not the big buses" said Shekita Williams.

The federal government says students are 70-times more likely to get to school safer riding in a school bus than riding in a car.

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