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Crews work tirelessly to clean up illegal dump site

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On a warm day in DeKalb County, crews worked tirelessly to clean up an illegal dump site off George Luther drive.

“It’s warm, but it’s not humid, and you just pace yourself. One at a time,” said Will Tharps, owner of W.E.T.T. Services.   

What once plagued this community is now tormenting the workers hired to haul off the tires, but even they realize you just have to roll with it.

“Everybody has a tough job man. Everybody has a boss and has a tough job,” said Tharps.

But this job is massive and there’s only one way to truly understand what lies ahead for W.E.T.T. Services, so we asked CBS46 photojournalist and licensed drone pilot Richard Breaden to give you a birds eye view.

“It goes on. It goes on all over the city and all over the state. It’s just like people dumping trash,” said Tharps.

Crews tell CBS46 there are about 50,000 tires that were dumped illegally and they have to load them in a truck one by one, a job that will take about two months to complete.

“I understand how people feel because they’re afraid of the different diseases and the snakes and all that stuff, and I can’t blame them,” said Tharps.

 Only about 59 days remain until the clean-up is complete. About the only thing getting in the way now are mosquitoes.

“Sometimes I wear long sleeves and that’s why I keep the towel on my head to keep them off my back,” said Tharps. “If they’re going to get me, they’ve got to come in here and they’re not coming in here.”

It took crews an entire day to load a little more than 1,000 tires, which they will take to a recycling facility to shred.

The work should be complete by the end of July.

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