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DeKalb gas station has history of violent crimes, shootings

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Countless people visit the Citgo gas station off the Columbia Drive exit of I-20 in DeKalb County. But, many may not know, it's a hotbed of violent crime.

Chopper 46 flew over the scene where 24-year-old Jason Williams, a student at Georgia State University, was shot and killed last week

Wednesday his mother told CBS46 that she hopes things will change at the stop she's now learning has been riddled with gun violence for years. 

"I don't wish this on anyone, and I wish maybe something could be done," said Patrise Williams. "This is the worst thing I've ever had to deal with in my life," she added.

Attorney Chuck Clay just settled a two-years long lawsuit against the managers of the Citgo on the 2500 block of Columbia Drive, a month ago. His client was shot several times when she was robbed while trying to go enter the store to buy a soda.Clay says the store owners claimed they didn't know they had crime problems

But the writing was on the walls in gang graffiti. Clay spelled explained what the symbols mean and placed hundreds of pages of DeKalb County Police reports on his conference room table, detailing violent robberies, assaults with guns, shootings and murders.

"They were educated that they had an ongoing horrific crime problem," Clay said. "Now, I’m not sure that I believe that they didn’t know about that. But the testimony from the owners, the store manager, is that they were unaware that any problems had occurred at that gas station in the last six and a half years, and nothing can be further for the truth," Clay said.

The store managers would not speak on camera, but told CBS46 they painted over the graffiti several months ago, during the lawsuit, and purchased a new security camera system they're starting to install. They also put up no loitering signs, that seemed to go unnoticed by the groups standing outside the station Wednesday afternoon.

"The gas station owners they need to be aware they need to keep the criminals away before they have an opportunity to commit the crimes," Clay said. "Because if you allow them to congregate. If you make them feel welcome by allowing them to tag up your property and sort of make it their own then it's inevitable that crimes like this are going to happen," he added.

DeKalb County Police arrested  22-year-old Roden Meadows in connection with the Williams shooting death. Police say the shooting was not gang-related.

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