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Homeowners say HOA board members refuse to give up seats even after election results

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Homeowners are demanding action in a metro Atlanta neighborhood.

Residents at the Southland Community in Stone Mountain recently voted to remove their homeowners association's current board members, saying what they're doing is illegal and that they have the documentation to prove it. 

Lennett Rogers has lived in the Southland neighborhood for 18 years and she says the current HOA board is ignoring the homeowners, refusing to honor the votes of a recent election for new board members. 

People voted and they have refused to release that vote. Instead five board members, three of them candidates, decided that they will determine who sits on the board

Brandon Wagner is an HOA board member and local attorney. He spoke out about what the HOA board is doing, calling it illegal and showing CBS46 the paperwork to prove it. 

"This letter was drafted by the declarent, which are the people who developed this community," says Wagner. "It simply says that candidates receiving the largest number of votes shall be elected, regardless of the total amount of ballots cast."

On the HOA board is state senator Gloria Butler. Someone this community feels should step up and do whats right.

"They're governing the entire community but their power is not unchecked. They have checks and balances in the bylaws and the covidence and they have to be followed. Its not optional," says Wagner.

Tired of being ignored, these homeowners next option is filing a lawsuit against the HOA board. 

CBS46 reached out to several of the HOA board members but they haven't gotten back to us. As for the homeowners, they say in addition to filing the lawsuit they've also started a petition to get the HOA president removed from her position. 

We'll keep you posted.

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