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Elite Techs still operating without a license

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One month after CBS46 first exposed an electronics repair company operating without a business license, we found out they're still operating illegally.  

“If they don’t come back in five minutes I’m going to call police."

Feeling frustrated and taken advantage of, customer Todd Downes dropped by Elite Techs on Moon Station Road in Kennesaw Tuesday to try to get his laptop and a refund.   

"I had a chance to go to the back and look and he didn't give it to him. He said it wasn't ready yet," said Downes.

Soon after Downes arrived, so did the police.  Officers confronted Elite Techs owner James White and cited him for operating without a proper business license.

Moments later, angry customers showed up demanding their appliances and a refund. 

Last month, the landlord at the Kennesaw store evicted Elite Techs after stating that they were behind more than three months on rent. However, they had to allow Elite Techs to stay in the building to give them a 30-days notice by law.

"Ultimately, he ended up slamming the door in my face and locking the door," said Downes.

CBS46 reached out to the attorney representing Elite Techs to see if we could sit down with James White and talk to him about what he’s done here and find out how he plans to make his customers whole.  We have not heard back from the lawyer.

Police told CBS46 reporter Adam Murphy they could have shut down the business Tuesday, but they decided not to in hopes that the owner will do the right thing and return belongings and provide refunds at least during the next week or so until the eviction becomes official.  

Consumers may file a complaint at 404-651-8600 or online at consumer.ga.gov.

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