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Tased inmate: 'I was begging him to stop'

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A Polk County inmate, seen on video tasered while under restraints, claims he was unfairly tortured. Now, he is talking exclusively to the CBS46 Bulldog.  

Polk County is about 50 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta. 

"I was begging him to stop," said Brandon Coffman in a sit down interview Wednesday.

"I was put into the restraint chair," he says, and then repeatedly tasered by Polk County jailer Harry Battle.

The taser pressed against his torso, leaving burns marks.

"He threatened to take my life and had a taser at my chest," Coffman continued.  "I was hurtin.' I was in pain, scared half to death."

Coffman, who the jail says was there on multiple charges --  including battery and assault -- admits he was being loud. But says he didn't deserve this.

"There's no words to describe the force and how it made me feel. I'm a human being. I might be accused of something, but I was innocent at that point," he says.

Chief Jailer Al Sharp tells another story, saying in a statement, Coffman was:

Actively violent before the incident, and he tried to remove himself from the restraints.

He did admit, none the less, it is against policy to use a taser on a restrained inmate.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation interviews we reviewed, a fellow officer backs up Coffman's account of his pleas to stop. And Coffman's lawyer denies his client was ever violent.

Officer Battle was fired and charged by the GBI, but not indicted. The district attorney plans to try again this summer.  

We also obtained employment records, which show Officer Battle was terminated from the Floyd County Police Department in 2007, accused of raping an informant, something he denied as consensual. Charges were never filed.

We were unable to reach Battle for comment.

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