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Car break-ins continue in Morningside area

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Over the past three years, John Moore has had his things stolen from his car eight times. The most recent incident happened last night.

John says, “I don’t know if it’s where we're living, if it's the street. I don’t know.”

There are many other victims. According to the Atlanta Police Department, theft from cars in Zone 2, where Moore lives, is up 34 percent from this time last year. Theft is also up 44 percent from this time in 2016.

Moore has been proactive in trying to stop some of the crime.

“I'll tell you what we have done–we have widened our driveway. We spent a lot of money doing that,” says Moore. “We got nest security systems. We got ring security systems. The driveway is lit up like Christmas morning.”

 Last night Moore parked on the street, out of range of the cameras. His work equipment was stolen from his car.

 “I'm shocked on this one because they went through my car and spent a lot of time going through it. It was a big-time mess,” he says.

 He aired his frustrations when police arrived.

 “I even said to the officer we don’t see you. This has happened and I’ve been on CBS a few times and nothing changed and there was no response,

 Moore says. “He was candid with me, a real nice guy. He said ‘what really can we do?’ We're spread so thin. It's a needle in a haystack type of thing.”

 Moore says he wants to see more patrolling in his neighborhood. Another resident told CBS46 the same thing off camera.

 John Moore is now pushing for better lighting on his street because he says it's incredibly dark here at night.

CBS46 contacted Atlanta police to find out what's being done about the increase in break-ins in this area.

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