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SBA pushes economic growth in Atlanta

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For the last five years Georgia was ranked number one in the country for business.

A big part of that success is due to small business and Tuesday, the head of the small business administration was in the area.

It's not everyday a member of the President's cabinet shows up at your place of business but then Catherine Downey's "Catmedia" isn't your ordinary business. As she says, it's the poster child of what the small business administration can do for you.

"They have an enormous amount of resources to help you I would not be in business today if it weren't for the SBA, " said Downey.

SBA administrator Linda McMahon was one of President Donald Trump's least controversial appointees. 

"He said I want somebody who's actually built a business, whose been through the ups and downs who knows what it's like who walks the walk and talks the talk of a business owner," said McMahon.

And the president is a fan of the McMahon family business...the WWE as well as their occasional nemesis in the ring.

But outside the ring Linda McMahon says the president is a big supporter of small business.

"Fifty percent of the workforce either works for or owns a small business and two out of three net new jobs are created by small businesses in the private sector," said McMahon.

McMahon says the president's tax cuts have been hugely popular among small business owners. But many want more access to government contracts.. Especially minorities.

"Twenty-three percent of government contracts are to be set aside for small business owners you think about the government those 400-billion dollars a year in purchasing goods and services so roughly a hundred billion dollars of that," said McMahon.

McMahon says the SBA offers more than just access to capital.. It also offers services to teach entrepreneurs how to take advantage of their talent.

"There's HR financial all kinds of marketing and things you just don't think of. I used to say I was a cobbler without shoes I could teach you how to market and advertise your business but it couldn't do it for myself," said Downey.

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