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Animal advocates plead for change in Clayton County

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Person after person got up to complain about the Clayton County Animal Control Tuesday night at the Clayton County Commissioners meeting.

The top issue on the agenda were dogs being put down before advocates can get a chance to help.

"They killed a dog today with advocate groups standing right there in front of them. The dog was never posted and we were never asked to save it," said Kimberly Kirby, a volunteer with Partners for Pets.

The group "Partners for Pets" says they can help get the dogs to vets but need more time. They showed us pictures of texts where they say shelter staff is only giving them 30 minutes to get some dogs after they were found to have the virus Parvo.

"We were told today one hour. You have to arrange everything with the vets and find a rescue to take the dog and they're making it impossible for us to help the dogs," said Maria Dorough, Founder Partner at Partners for Pets.

Clayton County Police Chief Kevin Roberts's department runs animal control. I asked him if he would respond to the complaints. He told me "no."

The Animal Control Facebook page has a long list of healthy dogs it says urgently need to be adopted or they will be euthanized. But this dog name Sharpie made tempers flare.

"This dog has been at AC for 11 days. We just found out about him. He hat matted fur with maggots all under his fur," said Kirby.

They say he went in to animal control like this and Tuesday night he is at the vet like this.

"No dog should sit in a shelter with maggots coming out for 11 days. That is inhumane treatment," said Dorough.

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