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American Cancer Society hopes to stop spread of HPV through vaccination

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It's been done before with diseases like smallpox and now the American Cancer Society has its eyes set on stopping the spread of HPV-related cancers.

"If we achieved 80% vaccination rate by 2026, 20 years after that vaccine was press release in the nation we would've achieved our goal," said Dr. Richard Wender.

Dr. Richard Wender is the Cancer Society's Chief Cancer Control Officer and he says human papillomaviruses or HPV is associated with six different types of cancers for in both men and women. But unlike other cancers, they are avoidable.

"Thirty-one thousand people ever year are diagnosed with an HPV caused related cancer and through vaccination we know we can eliminate 29 thousand of those 31 thousand cases," said Wender.

Despite the benefits of the HPV vaccine there are some who are not willing to give their children the shot. Some parents worry it can cause serious harm to their kids. But pediatrician Dr. Deneta Sells says their is no evidence of that.

"It's a completely safe Vaccine it's absolutely no reason to be concerned about it," said Sr. Sells.

In addition, Dr. Sells says she's administered thousands of HPV vaccines and so far none of her patients have had a negative side effect. 

"There's so many things we can't control when it comes to raising kids but the one thing we can control and prevent cervical and and other types of general cancers. And you don't want to feel 20 years from now you wish you would have been able to go back and do that," said Dr. Sells.

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