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Large alligator seen strolling through Walton County

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Brandi Peters lives in Walton County near Jersey Walnut Grove Road, where an alligator was spotted walking around. 

Several pictures were posted on social media with mixed reactions from local residents. 

"You never know whats going to be around here," said Peters. "I really didn't think anything about it."

But the sighting also came with a warning from the Walton County Sheriff's Office. They say if you see the gator, leave him alone. 

A message that Peters says her son, who is often outside, is well aware of. 

"I think he knows better than to go up and touch it," said Peters.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources says alligators are carnivores and will eat almost anything they catch. Male alligators can grow up to sixteen feet in length and the fact that there was one spotted in this community is a little strange to some. 

According to the Department of Natural Resources, there are approximately 250,000 alligators in the state of Georgia occupying a variety of wetland habitats. Residents tell CBS46 they've heard of alligators being in this area and say the alligator possibly came from a nearby creek. 

Peters says she's never personally seen one. 

"No, never here," said Peters.

CBS46 spoke with a deputy with the Walton County Sheriff's Office who said there were reports of people trying to stop on the road to look for the gator. But again, they are warning people not to get close.

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