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Ways to protect your online information

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Did you know hackers are just a click away from hijacking your online accounts? That's what happened to CBS46 viewer Seth Otey.

Seth Otey has been a Facebook user for years. Thursday, he saw something suspicious.

"I went to log into my Facebook app on my phone and noticed I was logged out which had never happened before," said Otey.

So he checked his page from another account. It was still there, but his name was now in Arabic. Otey's Facebook account had been hijacked.

"The email account that was attached to the Facebook account was also hacked," said Otey.

And they changed the phone number listed in the Yahoo account. Otey says he reached out to Facebook five times but got nowhere. So we called Cyber Security Expert Greg Evans.

"Hold on did you have two key authentication set up on your email," asked Evans.

Evans says sometimes hackers will try to scam your Facebook friends, but not in Otey's case.

"It wasn't you personally they just came across your username somewhere out there on the web somewhere and someone tried it, got into the account. That's why you were hacked," said Evans.

Evans says Otey was probably part of Yahoo's major data breach back in 2013

"You never changed your password after yahoo reported that on every news station for a whole week that we've been hacked," said Evans. "If you were still using that yahoo with bank or anything else, they would have had access to all of that."

Here are some tips that can help protect you from hackers:

  • Change your passwords and make sure your email password is only for your email.
  • You should have more than one email address. A personal one, one for shopping and one to do business.
  • Set up two-factor authentication so when you sign in from another device, you have to verify that it's you.

Lets say your Facebook account has already been hacked. You should tell your friends and family to report the page to Facebook and unfriend you.

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