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How to protect yourself from ticks

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It's tick season and health experts want you to know how to protect yourself.

They say ticks can affect anyone and cause serious diseases, even temporary paralysis.

CBS46 spoke with a CDC doctor about the increases in diseases from ticks.

Experts say staying safe starts before you even head outside, and then taking the proper steps when you come back inside. They're so tiny but can cause big problems.

"Doing things like making sure you're wearing repellent, EPA registered repellents like deet or picaridin, making sure you're treating clothes you know you might wear when you're outside with things like permethrin," said Doctor Paige Armstrong.

Armstrong, who focuses on ticks at the CDC, says showering after being outside is also a good way to prevent illness.

Ticks can give you a number of diseases that have a range of symptoms from mild to severe. Some can even be deadly.

"If you notice a tick on you, you want to be careful and pay close attention to things like fever not feeling well, fatigue, headache over the next few weeks."

Check yourself when you come inside, especially behind your ears, behind your knees, under your arms and in your groin.

"It's very hard to predict what each season is going to bring, but what we do know is tick borne diseases are everywhere and everyone should be aware of them."

The CDC recommends removing ticks by using tweezers to get as close to the skin as possible, and pull it straight up and out.

Don't twist it, that could leave parts of it in your skin.

Don's put petroleum jelly on it or heat on it, you don't want anything that will irritate the tick.

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