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DeKalb commissioner guilty of sexual harassment declares #MenToo movement

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Gregory Adams at Commissioner's Meeting Gregory Adams at Commissioner's Meeting

DeKalb County District 7 Commissioner, Gregory Adams, ended Tuesday's public meeting with some stunning announcements that took everyone by surprise.

He declared himself the face of the #MenToo movement, while denying the claims of an ongoing sexual harassment claim, made by a subordinate.

"People are trying to exploit and extort and get money from you for their own profitable gain," began Adams.

The claims were made last year by Ashlee Wright, who worked as one of the staff his office.

She told investigators, Adams made sexual advances, which she rejected. She offered proof in the form of text messages and voice recordings. The county later found Adams guilty and ordered him to undergo sensitivity training. There is also a civil lawsuit in court, which asks for $750,000 to settle. If Adams loses, the bill would go to taxpayers.

"Someone thought it was good to put out a vicious lie about me," added Adams.

In one of the text messages at the center of the investigation, it shows the Commissioner asking Wright to send a picture of herself wearing a bikini. He also made attempts to meet her in a hotel room at 3 a.m.

Adams argued that he isn't capable of harassing a woman because he suffered a traumatic experience himself.

"Because, while I served in the military, I was raped- was sexually assaulted, by a fellow soldier. And I live with this every day of my life."

Adams said he has been married for 38 years.

Immediately after finishing his remarks, Adams received a single person's applause, then he left the meeting room in silence. The rest of the commissioners adjourned without acknowledging his announcement.

Adams faces a run-off election for his seat against Lorraine Cochran-Johnson in July.

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