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Car break-ins at local parks trending in Cobb County

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It's the latest crime trend and it's hitting area parks. Thieves are targeting cars and even breaking windows to get in.

When you come to the park you bring water, sports equipment, just what you need to have fun. You might leave behind purses, wallets, and other valuables and that's what the thieves are after.

"It's just a great place to come especially when the weather is nice," said Ashley Pitts.

For visitors like Ashley Pitts, its easy to get lost in the peacefulness of Lost mountain park in west Cobb County. But that sense of security has been shattered. Cobb County Police are sending out an alert that thieves are breaking into cars.

"When you have places like this designed for kids it's kind of sad to know people are targeting these type of areas," said Vincent Spicer. 

CBS46 came out to the park and the very first car we walked up to had a bag sitting on the floor board. That's exactly what police say you should not do. 

We found another with a purse open on the front seat. The owner said she doesn't live in fear but was too afraid to talk on camera about her mistake 

Police are warning people to take extra precautions so they aren't easy targets. Locking your car and keeping valuables locked in your trunk out of sight is the best advice.

"We don't bring our purses because we know about that," said Pitts. " We actually just leave them home completely to avoid the whole situation.

Cobb County Police say they are increasing patrols in that area.

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