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Neighbors complain about county owned eyesore

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Source: WGCL Source: WGCL

CBS46 held a metro Atlanta county accountable in its fight against a long running problem of blight.  

On Longleaf Drive in Decatur, it’s almost impossible for Melissa Page to avoid getting into the weeds on this issue.  

"We’ve had people in there doing prostitution, doing drugs, homeless people just squatting," said Page.

She lives next door to an overgrown property which the owner has neglected for months.

"I’m sitting here in shock.  Every time I look over that way it’s night and day," said Page.

It turns out the county acquired ownership of the property through a tax deed 8-years ago and has failed to maintain it properly. Ironically, the county sent a crew out to mow down the mess after we questioned whether they were being a good neighbor.

"It shouldn’t have to be this way, we shouldn’t need CBS to get our county to do its job, but since they don’t do their job I’m glad that we do have you," said Page.

It has certainly shed new light on the situation that neighbors hope they won’t have to deal with again.

"Sunlight, air, cleanliness," said Page. "I see something which I don’t see often enough which is the county doing it’s job.

Next up, the county said they plan to demolish the home within the next two weeks.  

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