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Concrete wall topples down onto I-75 toll lanes

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A lot of gravel and concrete chucks spilled onto the northeast corridor express lanes when a retaining wall collapsed.

Georgia Department of Transportation says it happened some time Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Drivers are shocked to see this on the newly constructed road.

"I'm glad no one was hurt," said Max Sullivan.

No cars were in the lanes because it's still under construction, but it is close to opening.

"We are still about two months away from this project being open to traffic which is why committed and determined to get in there and see what the cause was and to make sure this won't happen on any other stretch of the project," said GDOT Spokesperson Natalie Dale.

This is an $834 million project with about 30 miles of express lanes.

CBS46 reporter Vince Sims asked if this could delay opening it to the public.

"We don't think that this would cause a delay in the project opening, but we certainly are not going to open these lanes until we are 100 percent confident we know the root of the problem and we can assure motorist that this will not happen on any other stretch," said Dale.

Our camera could see there are support cables involved in the construction.

GDOT would not say if all other retaining walls will have to be re-inspected because of this.

"We want to know what happened first before we determine how wide spread we need to go, but if we double and triple check every retaining wall to restore driver confidence in this project we certainly will."

Which some drivers are hoping does happen.

"It would be nice if they could make it a little more structurally sound," said Sullivan.

As for their investigation, no time frame was given for exactly when they'll know the cause.

CBS46 will be keeping in touch with our contacts and update once they know and what their future plans are before these lanes open.

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