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Ouch! Owner needs to fix broken, dangerous signs

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My Sunday ended with a stroll through beautiful Village Place in Brookhaven.

All of a sudden I tripped on a metal plate, a hazardous piece of rusty sharp metal sticking out of the sidewalk. I sliced my toe, and boy did it hurt!

"It would hurt really bad and I could see how it could cause a significant injury," a visitor to Village Place told us a few days later when I returned with a camera crew.

My mishap, I'll be ok, got me asking: what if an elderly person tripped or a wheelchair rolled over it or a child impaled? And who is responsible for removing hazards like this?

Tenants have been telling us people have been parking their cars, hitting the handicapped signs, knocking over the poles and leaving leaving the broken bases.

We notified the City of Brookhaven, which tells us this is the responsibility of the property owner and the absence of a properly maintained sign is a code violation unless addressed quickly. The city plans to reach out to the owner.  We did too, calling Westwood Financial, the listed owner.

They pushed off responsibility onto the property manager, which they named as Condominium Concepts. The office confirmed they managed the property. But our calls to the local manager were not returned.  

The city says they'll stay on it. Until then, keep visiting these fantastic shops and restaurants.

Just watch your step.

Update: June 29th

After our story aired, Condominium Concepts called Friday to say they have removed the broken sign post and remedied the situation.

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