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Fireworks destroy three homes in Dawson Co.

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It’s a scene for some that is beyond comprehension on Burt’s Crossing Drive in Dawsonville.
"I still feel like I’m in a dream you know and I was going to wake up and say this is a terrible nightmare," said homeowner Mike Wolski.

Sadly, for Mike Wolski that nightmare is a reality.

"So when I looked around the corner all up on the eaves and overhang it was already on fire and that’s when I said I’ve got to get my family out," said Wolski, 

A fire destroyed everything he owns overnight. But the fire could not take away his faith or even his catholic book of prayers.
"The ends look bad, but everything else looks good," he said. "The power of God.The belief in God may have saved us because if this happened in the middle of the night I don’t want to think about it."

Wolski said he set off fireworks earlier in the evening and hosed them down when he was done. Hours later his home was on fire.
The flames were so intense it was actually going sideways to both houses," said Wolski.

Fire investigators believe the fireworks may have reignited after Wolski threw them in the garbage can outside his home.

"The neighbors houses. I can replace my stuff, but these neighbors houses. It hurts to see that. These people just moved in and they don’t even have renters insurance," said Wolski.

Dawson County Fire Chief Danny Thompson said the investigation will continue, but at this point they do not intend to file charges. It appears to be a terrible accident.

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