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Authorities see trend in car break-ins at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

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Park Ranger Anthony Winegar says Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park is seeing an increase in car break-ins.

"For the most part, windows are being shattered and people are reaching in and seizing the items," said Winegar.

Things like cash, credit cards and laptops are being stolen from parked cars. 

“I would attribute most of that to the fact that when you're wearing leisure clothing for example, especially in the summer, there aren't a lot of pockets,” he said.

So people are leaving their valuables in their cars. 

Last week, a truck was stolen from the Cheatham Hill Parking Lot. It's where reporter Ashley Thompson found Neil Rajendran, who was just about to go for a run.

“I leave my key on my tire,” he told her. “it’s been pretty safe," said Rajendran.

He's not the only person who does that.

“Runners, especially long distance runners will leave their car keys somewhere hidden on the vehicle itself and often times it’s not as hidden as they think it is,” said Winegar.

Park visitor Janet Grzeszkowiak said she always takes everything of value with her on her hikes. 

“I know they've been having break-ins at places of this nature, whether it’s a fitness place or a park place," said Grzeszkowiak.

If you don't need it at the park, Winegar suggests you just leave it at home. If you have to bring anything of value with you, he said to make sure you put it in the trunk before you get to the park.

And it may be convenient but don't leave your keys behind when you hit the trails.

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