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New clip of secret recording released of Casey Cagle

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A new clip of a secret recording of Georgia's Lieutenant Governor has surfaced, stirring up controversy. 

The clip was released by Secretary of State Brian Kemp. He knew the first secret recording caused an uproar.

The audio was recorded just a couple of days after the primary. The person who taped it is Republican Clay Tippins who lost the race. 

In the recording, you can hear Cagle say the following:

"The problem is, that a primary, and you and I are talking off the record, they don't give a s--- about those things, OK? This primary felt like it was who had the biggest gun, who had the biggest truck, you know, and who could be the craziest, right?"

Both Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle and Secretary of State Brian Kemp met with him trying to get an endorsement. Instead, Tippins went pubic with the first clip. And, now, Kemp has released this snippet from the same meeting. 

Kemp's says, in part,

Casey Cagle says one thing behind closed doors and does something entirely different when he's out on the campaign trail.  As the recording revealed, he can't be trusted- especially when there's an election on the line.

"This is about providing a window into Casey Cagle's character and soul.  And when you look into that window, there's not much there that he actually stands for," Tippins told CBS46 News.

CBS46 sought comment from Cagle but he was out of town. Instead, his communication advisor Brian Robinson spoke out on his behalf.

"What makes them embarrassing?" asked Robinson. "His opponents were acting crazy and that's bad for the state. And that I'm trying to talk about policy and nobody else wants to. The rest of the campaigns were running a circus. It was a freak show out there and he was frustrated. This was two days after the election."

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