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EXCLUSIVE: Roswell officer pulled over, let go month before 'coin flip' incident

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A March traffic stop by Roswell Police, involving another Roswell officer, is raising questions in light of the "coin flip" arrest currently under internal investigation, the CBS46 Bulldog has learned.

In March, police sources tell CBS46, Officer Daniel Ramunno was pulled over by fellow Officer Johnny Burnette for speeding.

During the traffic stop, which was captured on body cam video, Ramunno reportedly admits to having a drink, but not in excess, and refuses a field sobriety test, his legal right. The officer who pulled him over makes the onsite determination he does not appear drunk and there is no cause to cite or arrest him.

However, Ramunno is given a warning for speeding.

A handful of units ended up responding, due to the sensitive nature of the stop.

In the video, towards the end, an officer is heard and seen asking, "Is this stop concluded?" The deciding officer replies, "I'm done."

The traffic stop of one of their own, and its ending differs greatly from the April arrest of a local woman on a "coin flip", whose charges have since been dropped and the officers involved placed on leave.

In that case, the woman was handcuffed on suspicion of speeding, even though officers admitted on camera, they had no speed detection devices operating. And the decision to arrest her was made using a coin flip app, not any apparent legal justification.

Sources tell us, the traffic stop involving one of their officers, which a police source describes as "lengthy", has been reviewed by leadership at Roswell Police, and they caution against comparing this to the April coin flip incident.

They admit that incident was wrong, but by all appearances, it appears the stop of this officer was by the book, and the video doesn't show otherwise.

Of course, that may be a harder sell to a skeptical public, which is having a hard time trusting the Roswell Police Department in light of the April arrest.

As for that 'coin flip" incident, we are also learning new details on where the investigation is headed.

Sources say that internal probe is now focused on chain of command notification. The Chief, sources say, was not notified of the incident until the City Attorney informed him in late June. Meaning, a supervisor appears to have not bumped up the situation as quickly as he or she should have.

The Bulldog is also being told, the investigation so far has not yielded any evidence those two female officers on leave, did anything similar in other situations.

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