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Homeowners alert CBS46 to exposed cables in neighborhood for over two years

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Comcast customers in Ellenwood contacted CBS46 about a cable that had been exposed on the ground in their yards for two years. They asked for it to be buried to no avail, but with our investigation, this neighborhood is getting results.

For the better part of two years, Kesia Cobb and her neighbors have been complaining about cables on the ground in their community.

"I don’t know who they belong to, but they don’t belong here," said Cobb.

"It’s terrible. It’s been going on at least through the winter and last summer too," added neighbor Gail Clarke. 

It turns out it’s a Comcast cable that has been sitting in a yard on Ambrose Way in Ellenwood for months, and to make matters worse, it also stretches across a driveway and down the road.

"I think Comcast owes me some rental fees," said Cobb. "They owe me some fees for this because all these wires. I think you should be paying me for having your cable."

Cobb said she complained numerous times to Comcast, but nothing has been done, and as time passes on it only becomes more of a safety issue.

"The kids are out here and they’re on their scooters riding, and they’ll trip, and they’ll fall over this thing," said Clarke.

So after two years of feeling ignored, it took two minutes for CBS46 to get a hold of Comcast and solve the problem.  

"You are better than the government, okay! You hear us and you actually get things done," said Clarke.

"Hallelujah!  Thank you, thank you Adam!" added Clarke.

Comcast sent CBS46 the following statement:

We appreciate the customer's patience during this process, and are thankful to CBS46 for bringing this to our attention. We are pleased to report that this issue has been fully resolved. 

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