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Homeless man passes out resumes instead of asking for money; gets hundreds of job offers

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(Credit: Jasmine Scofield) (Credit: Jasmine Scofield)

(Meredith) – A homeless man in Mountain View, California stood at a busy intersection handing out resumes, hoping someone would give him an opportunity.

Now, 26-year-old David Casarez is reportedly sifting through hundreds of job offers.

A viral photo shows Casarez wearing a suit and tie while holding up a sign that reads: “HOMELESS. HUNGRY 4 SUCCESS. TAKE A RESUME.”

Jasmine Scofield, a passerby who took the photo, posted it to Twitter on Friday where it amassed more than 212,000 likes and 132,000 retweets.

Today I saw this young homeless man asking for people to take a resume rather than asking for money. If anyone in the Silicon Valley could help him out, that would be amazing.

- Jasmine Scofield, @jaysc0 Twitter 

Casarez graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in management information systems and worked as a web developer for General Motors in Austin, Texas, the New York Post reported.

He moved to the Bay Area last September with dreams of launching a startup but quickly ran out of money. He also lost the car he had been living in. Since then, he’s been sleeping in a park, according to local outlet KNTV.

Casarez said all he wanted was for someone to notice his hard work and give him a chance.

"I knew it would be posted on social media. I didn’t know it would blow up like this," he said. "I’m trying not to take any money, I really do just want a job opportunity, that’s all I’m asking."

According to KNTV, several tech companies in the Bay Area have contacted him.

Scofield also tweeted that Casarez has received about 200 job offers from the likes of Google, Netflix, LinkedIn and many other companies across the country.

“I wanted to keep my head up high, keep looking forward and see what opportunity would come next,” Casarez told the Post. “I was thinking, you know, like this was like my last stop. If this didn’t work, I’d go back home and give up on my dream.”

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