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Zicam class action lawsuit: You may be eligible for refund

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(Meredith) -- Zicam has agreed to pay $16 million as part of a settlement for a lawsuit accusing the company of making false and misleading statements about certain Zicam products. Customers who bought these products could be eligible for a cash payment.

The lawsuit claimed that Zicam, "made false and misleading statements about the effectiveness of certain Zicam products in violation of state and federal law." While the court didn't rule in favor of Zicam or the plaintiff, the two parties did reach a settlement in the amount of $16 million to avoid the risks of continuing the lawsuit.

Any customers who purchased certain Zicam products between February 15, 2011, and June 5, 2018, can file a claim to receive their cash payment. Without proof of purchase, customers may file up to five claims. With receipts, packages, or bottles proving the purchase of eligible Zicam products, there are no limits to how many claims a customer can make.

These Zicam products are eligible for a cash payment:

  • RapidMelts Original
  • RapidMelts Ultra
  • Oral Mist
  • Ultra Crystals
  • Liqui-Lozenges
  • Lozenges Ultra
  • Chewables

If you have purchased these products, you may file a claim online here. You can also fill out this form to file a claim by mail.