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Where is Fire Station 29

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Its called the ‘unicorn station’ by some Cobb County Firefighters because it doesn't exist.

Fire Station 29 has been a concept since 2004 but 14 years later, it still hasn't been built.

“Obviously it's very frustrating,” said Cobb County Communications Director Ross Cavitt. “The challenge has been finding a place to put it.”

In 2016, the county set aside 4.3 million splost dollars for Fire Station 29 but Cavitt said that's not enough to cover the project.

“The cheapest land we've been able to find is two-and-a-half million dollars which doesn't leave us enough to build the fire station we need down there.”

According to officials, fire station 29 is needed in the Cumberland area near Akers mill rd.

“When the stadium was under consideration, initially there was some thought about putting a fire station in that complex,” Cavitt explained.

That idea was ruled out because of traffic and congestion concerns.

“A lot of people say the reason that we need a station there is because of the Braves,” said Cobb County Fire Chief Randy Crider. “I don’t have a comment about that. All I know is that my job as the fire chief is to provide the citizens of this county a quick timely response.”

Crider admits  response times in that area have suffered. He said Suntrust Park has increased call volume but said Fire Station 29 would have been needed with or without the ballpark.

“That fire station, if they would have been in business January 1 of this year, they would have run 1,350 emergency calls to date.” he said.

Right now there are about 750 thousand residents in Cobb County and the population is only expected to increase, making the need for fire station 29 more critical.

“What we may have to do is have the fire fund, our fund, supplement what's in splost,” Crider said.

The county is still looking for an affordable spot for Fire Station 29.

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