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Parents outraged after changes to bus stops

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All new this year, the Douglas County School District announced buses will not be stopping to pick up individual kids at their doors anymore. Instead, bus stops will be combined to cut down on overall trip times, some of which, they say, used to last 90 minutes each way.

But in more rural parts of Douglas County, parents say their children can't be walking busy, fast-moving highways, like Highway 166.

"There's no sidewalks, no crosswalks, and in the morning, there's no lights," said Heather Palmer. "Instead of humans doing these routes, a computer has spit out these routes, and they don't know which highways are busy."

The car line for parents picking up students from Fairplay Middle School Wednesday stretched and zig-zagged across all the driveway space the school has to offer, and beyond.

Amanda Cooper said the line is not normally that long.

"No. Normally I'm right up at the front. [My son] goes to South Douglas [Elementary,] and I waited probably three miles down the street," she said. 

Many of the parents in the extra long pick-up line were there because they no longer have faith in the safety of the school bus.

"She's not walking 0.8 miles with all the children coming up missing," said Ginger Smothers.

Parents tell CBS46 when they try to explain these problems to school district officials, they get no answer.

"I've been calling the bus barn for two days now and I can't get nobody on the phone," said Cooper.

Most of the complaints revolve around the fear of a child getting hit by a car, but one woman brought to our newsroom's attention that her daughter's new stop is directly next door to a sex offender's address.  CBS46 independently confirmed the bus stop and the Megan's Law offender's house are, indeed, adjoining properties.

A school district spokesperson responded saying circumstances like those are not supposed to occur, and they will be working to correct that issue, Thursday.

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