FORECAST: Winter Weather Possible This Weekend

CBS 46 weather
Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 9:59 AM EST
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ATLANTA (CBS46) — We are looking ahead to Saturday night and Sunday morning for a potential winter weather system that is growing increasingly likely. This system is still 4/5 days out - which in the weather world is an eternity. The system we are tracking (that will eventually bring us the threat of winter weather) is off the coast of it has hundreds of miles to travel before it arrives. Because of that, the exact path is still uncertain.

If the system takes a more northerly track = Less of an impact. Cold rain. Lower snow totals.

If the system takes a more southerly track = Bigger impact. Snow & Ice. Higher Snow Totals.

CBS 46 weather

TIMING: All models generally agree that this will start as a cold rain late Saturday evening....turning to freezing rain and eventually snow through the day on Sunday. The snow could linger into Sunday night.

SNOW TOTALS: Still too early to forecast totals. It could be as little as a dusting in Metro as much as several inches in the Metro. Stay tuned. We will have a much better idea on totals as the system gets closer.

ICE TOTALS: Accumulating ice is also a possibility before the transition to snow, especially across East Georgia. Plan on staying off the roads Sunday.

Wednesday Forecast:

Mostly sunny. Slightly warmer in the afternoon.

  • High Temperature: 55°
  • Average High: 54°
  • Rain Chance: 0%
CBS 46 weather

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