Tri-Cities High School athletic director pushes against suspension consideration

Published: Mar. 8, 2022 at 7:18 PM EST
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - A Tri-Cities High School athletic director recorded slamming a student up against a wall. The school board is now considering suspending Kenneth Miller over this confrontation but Miller argues his actions may have actually saved lives by preventing a school shooting.

Miller’s attorney says his client only got rough with the student who had a gun because he was trying to protect himself. Footage released by the attorney representing Miller shows Miller questioning a student who he said he saw on security footage pass a bookbag with a gun to another student.

“Anytime you have a gun and weapons on campus, plus a hostile environment where students have already been in altercations that day and things of that nature, yes, we could have possibly prevented something,” said Miller.

Miller said when he confronted the student, things took a turn.

“That young lady later became very belligerent, screaming, yelling, cursing, slaps my hand, and hits me. And I restrained her,” said Miller.

Miller said he had no choice but to spring into action, in his own self defense, to protect others from a girl he believed was dangerous.

“All the students made it home safe that day, including the young lady. All of the faculty and staff made it home safe that day,” said Miller.

But Fulton County Schools says his actions could violate portions of the Georgia Professional Standard Commission. Originally, the school board was planning to terminate Miller, but has now reconsidered and will schedule a hearing to discuss possible suspension.

“I feel like accepting a suspension is totally unacceptable. Simply because I don’t feel like I did anything wrong,” Miller said.

A gun was found in the girl’s bookbag after the incident.

Fulton County Schools released the following statement:

“The district administration does not support Mr. Miller’s actions relating to this event and believes his conduct failed to meet the professional expectations it has for employees. Mr. Miller inappropriately intervened in a student matter being handled by school administrators and law enforcement. Mr. Miller acted outside of the scope of his authority and responsibilities. Mr. Miller’s conduct resulted in an escalation of a physical altercation with a student in crisis, which conflicts with district expectations to deescalate in these types of situations. Mr. Miller has not exhausted his due process rights at this time and remains on full, paid administrative leave. The district will not engage Mr. Miller or his attorneys in a public debate on this matter, but instead will allow the facts to drive the outcome of any related decision.”