Social media video shows tasing of teen, family alleges ‘excessive force’

Published: Mar. 26, 2022 at 12:39 AM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - After using a vape, an Atlanta teen, accused of not complying, was tasered at a local skate park.

The teen was arrested for disorderly conduct, but the family and attorney allege the only conduct of concern should be that of the officer.

“Get on the [expletive] ground, get on the ground now,” an Atlanta Police officer can be heard yelling in a video while tasing Terion Forston. “I’m on the ground, I’m on the ground,” the teen yelled back.

The video was posted to Atlanta Uncensored, which is how Forston’s family came across it. APD says it is aware of the circulating clip of a portion of the encounter.

“He wasn’t ready for that, that really put him in a situation that he was never supposed to experience at his age,” said Chyanne Thomas.

Thomas picked up her nephew today after he spent Thursday in jail.

“I really can’t go to sleep right now, just because of that,” Forston told CBS46.

The incident that occurred at the Historic Fourth Ward Skate Park led to the 17-year-old skateboarder being charged with disorderly conduct; however, his lawyer argues that the conduct of the officer should be investigated, adding that excessive force was used.

According to the skateboarder, “I was chilling, then I just hit a vape at the park, then she came up to me aggressive.”

APD issued this statement to CBS46 Friday afternoon:

On March 24, 2022, at around 4:30 PM, an officer assigned to the Beltline observed a male vaping in a city park. The officer encountered the male, advised him of the law and advised him he could not vape there. The male walked away and continued to vape. The officer approached the male again and requested his identification, in an effort to issue the male a citation. The male refused to comply and physically resisted the officer’s efforts to detain him. The male continued resisting detention and the officer eventually utilized her taser to detain him. After being tased, the male was placed into handcuffs without further incident. We are aware of the incident and we are aware of the video circulating on social media showing a portion of the encounter. We will be reviewing the entire video related to this incident to determine all of the facts. At this time, that investigation continues.

In the same statement, a spokesperson released the identity of the teen. The family was frustrated his name was shared, as a minor, while the name of the officer involved was not released.

Additionally, they maintain there was no resisting.

Thomas continued, “I looked at the video, he never once charged at her. He didn’t approach her, she was scared of him because he’s a big black dude.”

“I’m 17 years old. It should have never went that far,” Forston pleaded.

The family plans to pursue legal action.