Bullets narrowly miss newborn in car as her mom made deliveries in Clayton Co.

Kristy said her daughter refuses to take a bottle, so she takes her with her when she drives in case she needs nursing.
Published: Apr. 25, 2022 at 6:11 PM EDT
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CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) - A delivery driver is crediting God for keeping her and her family alive after they barely escaped a spray of bullets.

Kristy, who asked CBS46 not to share her full name, is still processing just how close her 2-month-old child came to death while she was making a delivery run over the weekend.

“I’m just talking to her like, ‘I’m just so glad you’re with me, that you’re here with me,’ she said holding her baby with tears in her eyes. “That it didn’t hurt her. I’m just so glad.”

Early Saturday morning, around 1 a.m., Kristy, her disabled husband and their baby pulled up to the Ice Bar Lounge & Restaurant on Fayetteville Road to pick up an order. Kristy said her daughter refuses to take a bottle, so she takes her with her when she drives in case she needs nursing.

“I had just got handed the food,” Kristy recalled. “I’m walking out, towards the exit, and that’s when shots fired and everybody’s running to the back.

Kristy said she heard a barrage of shots twice. When the chaos cleared, and she made it outside, Kristy found three bullet holes in her SUV. One of the bullets pierced the side of the vehicle where baby Abigail was sleeping, exiting through the driver’s seat where Kristy would have been sitting.

“I picked her up and was holding her up, like is she OK, is she OK,” said Kristy. “And I’m checking her out and I just couldn’t believe it because the shot, if it had gone straight in, it would have killed her.”

Kristy’s baby and husband were not hurt. A spokesperson with the Clayton County Police Department told CBS46 no one was injured in what investigators determined was a drive-by shooting. However, several cars were damaged.

“It’s replaying in my mind over and over,” said Kristy. “I can hear it. I can see it. I can feel it. I still feel all those things.”

While Kristy believes a higher power intervened, she said she’ll be more selective about where she picks up and delivers when her daughter is with her.

“I know that Yahweh, Jesus saved us, that he protected us [but], I’m not delivering to that place or over in that area anymore,” she added.

Investigators are working to identify the shooters. The incident happened in the same strip mall where Anthony McClain, 17, was struck by a stray bullet, outside his barbershop, on April 2. Police have not named a suspect in that shooting.