Black bear caught on camera in Marietta man’s yard

Published: May. 2, 2022 at 7:07 PM EDT
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MARIETTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Part of the beauty of living in Georgia is having the opportunity to enjoy nature but living near wild places, means there is a possibility of running into some very powerful animals. Wildlife experts say, a little prep work can make all the difference.

Foxes, flying squirrels, young bucks, Jon Duke has seen all kinds of animals stroll through his Marietta property. In fact, he made a YouTube channel where he posts videos his cameras capture for people who love wildlife as much as he does. Some videos stick out a little more than others...

”It is definitely a younger bear - you can tell by the size of their ears - the bigger their ears look, the younger the bear is,” said Kaitlin Goode with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Jon’s camera captured a black bear casually meandering through his yard.

”It absolutely is normal to see a bear this time of year. This time of year you are going to see young male bears moving, trying to find their own territories and home ranges,” said Goode.

Jon says he posted the video not to scare anyone, but as a reminder that we are sharing space with these animals. Wildlife experts agree.

”We typically have very few...negative interactions with bears. Typically when that starts to happen, it is because there is a food source left out,” said Goode. “If you don’t want to see a bear in your neighborhood or in your backyard, the best thing you can do is secure those food sources like garbage, pet food and bird seed.”

If you do run into a bear, Goode says give them space, slowly back away and then make as much noise as possible to scare the animal away.

”If you live in an area that doesn’t normally have bears we definitely want to know about it so we can track the bear’s movements,” said Goode.