Atlanta clinics claim abortion ban could mean unsafe ‘underground’ options

Published: May. 4, 2022 at 7:07 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Some Atlanta clinics fear an abortion ban will not stop procedures but instead, start a trend of unsafe ones.

It’s why new billboards advocating for access to abortions are going up across the city.

Days before the Supreme Court draft opinion leaked, the pro-choice signs went up across Atlanta streets and highways.

And even with the future of Roe v. Wade in doubt, they’re not coming down anytime soon.

“To let people know abortion is legal and safe and there are people out there who will provide the service to you with no judgment, with no stigma, and with informed consent,” says MK Anderson with the Feminist Women’s Health Clinic.

The clinic claims if federal abortion laws change it would lead to women seeking “underground” options.

“We definitely saw before Roe v. Wade was even a decision people literally dying, trying to get back-alley abortions, it’s what they used to call it.”

However, some scientists say that historical data is not necessarily reliable when it comes to abortion mortality.

We found the CDC only began abortion mortality studies in 1972, the same year Roe v. Wade became law. That year, there were 39 deaths in illegal abortions but there were also 24 deaths from legal procedures.

While pro-choice advocates argue abortions are reproductive rights, pro-life advocates here in Georgia are ready to see the state’s heartbeat bill possibly go into effect, should Roe v. Wade be overturned.

“Protect them [babies] from abortion and give them full rights as any other person,” Rep. Ed Setzler told CBS46. Setlzer sponsored the Georgia bill which is currently in the court system.

In the meantime, clinics like Feminist Women’s Health say they’ll continue for as long as they can.

“Abortions are still legal; appointments are still being scheduled,” added Anderson.