Planting pollinator-friendly plants that comply with city ordinances

Published: May. 10, 2022 at 5:39 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - Some Atlanta homeowners are pushing the hashtag, #NoMowMay. The idea is to allow yards to grow out and attract pollinators. Local beekeeper associations tell CBS46 there are plants and flowers families can add to their yard to support pollinators while also complying to city ordinances.

Jimmy Gatt’s yard isn’t perfectly manicured and he is proud of that.

”Planting things very deliberately, that are actually going to produce nectar is going to be very good for our pollinators,” said Gatt, Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association President.

He knows what is growing here, every plant has a purpose, every flower and tree a job.

”This is Crimson is actually going to improve your soil without adding any fertilizer and the bees love it,” said Gatt, ”Grass is our number one cultivated crops....this is a plant that feeds no humans, no animals and no bees....this is why a lot of people have started the No Mow May Campaign because it actually allows some of those plants to grow and hopefully some of those plants that are not grass will bloom and actually feed our pollinators.”

Some areas are stricter others, as far as what your yard is allowed to look like. Local beekeepers say, not to worry! There are still ways that you can contribute to creating a beautiful space for local pollinators, even if you can’t take part in No Mow May.

”Maybe it is planting a shrub that will bloom and produce nectar especially in the summer then that might actually be the better option for those homeowners,” said Gatt.

There is a list of pollinator-friendly plants and trees on the Metro Atlanta Beekeeping website.

Contact information for any questions or requests for speaking engagements can also be found on the organization’s website.

Metro Atlanta Beekeepers’ Association