Attempted robbery victim speaks out. Self defense expert weighs in.

‘Women are taught to socially comply in certain public situations’
Attempted robbery victim speaks out
Published: May. 13, 2022 at 5:38 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - For safety reasons, the victim in this situation didn’t want to share her face on camera or her name in this report. She did want to share the details of her story to encourage other women to speak up when their intuition is telling them, something’s not right.

”I never in a million years, thought especially there, that something like this could happen,” said the victim.

You’re in broad daylight, surrounded by businesses, in a heavily trafficked area and you become a victim of a crime. This is the reality one Atlanta woman is still reeling from. The situation unfolded in the West Paces Ferry parking lot.

”I was pulling the seatbelt across my body...he opened the car door, showed me his gun...grabbed my arm with the other and said, ‘Give me the ring,’” said the victim.

She was grocery shopping in the middle of the day on Tuesday.

”There was a man who was in most of the aisles with me...I thought he was an Instacart shopper. He was on his phone,” said the victim.

She says she had another strange encounter with the man in the parking lot. Minutes later...

”He started pulling, ripped me out of my car. I just wiggled out of his grip and ran as fast as I could,” said the victim.

The woman says a passerby started screaming for help. The victim ran into a local pharmacy where she saw a family friend who helped her call 911.

Cole Parker has been teaching women how to defend themselves in similar situations for years. He is weighing in for this story at our request, hoping to help women and men gain knowledge that might save their life in situations similar to the one the victim encountered.

”We grew up in a house where we saw domestic violence first-hand, either you become a perpetrator or you become as advocate,” said Cole Parker with Divas in Defense.

He teaches women to trust their intuition. If you feel uncomfortable, speak up! While you are speaking up, Parker says eye contact is key.

”If it is justifiable, say it. If someone is standing too close to you, it is justifiable to say, ‘Excuse me!’” said Parker.

If someone is demanding valuable items from you Parker says to give them to the person.

“A lot of times they just want that item. They don’t want you,” said Parker.

He encourages women to scream in situations where their safety is being threatened. He says the scream forces you to breathe and the breath stops you from freezing. There are self-defense moves and weapons Parker also teaches in his Divas in Defense classes. The tools are focused on women but the tips are for everyone.

The victim says she in trauma therapy to cope with the experience. She says if she is ever in a similar situation in the future, she will speak up and she hopes other people watching or reading this story will do the same.

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