Keeping Doll’s Head Trail creepy for years to come

Published: Jun. 10, 2022 at 6:59 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - It is Halloween in June at one Georgia trail.

”I would just use the stuff as I found it,” said Joel Slaton, Doll’s Head Trail Creator.

The search for the trail we now know as Doll’s Head started because Slaton was after the sounds of nature. Over a decade later, he still walks these trails but the sounds have changed. At least when he is here.

”People think that you put something out here and it is kind of done but the ink fades so we have to come through and make it right,” said Slaton.

The property used to be a dumping ground, so Slaton started using the trash he found to create displays.

”I want them to see what is in the environment, that this is just a small sample of what is out here,” said Slaton.

Doll’s Head Trail was born, attracting nature lovers like Joy Carter.

”Spaces like this are almost sacred,” said Carter.

Carter doesn’t go out there just to enjoy nature. She helps keep the trails clean, sopping up alligator weed or keeping the trails easily maneuverable.

”I am one of the founders of Friends of Constitution Lake,” said Carter.

Friends of the Park groups operate under the Park Pride Umbrella, a nonprofit that helps encourage people to get out on their local trails and keep things clean.

”There is an idea of thinking globally and acting locally,” said Michael Halicki with Park Pride.

This is a trail made popular because of its trash, but keeping it clean is a job that has taken a community of people.

The displays might look like piles of trash to some people and creepy attractions to others, but for Slaton, this is a space full of stories and strangely, these stories have become part of his.

”I feel responsible for it. At one point I needed the trail and now the trail needs me,” said Slaton.

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