(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Community members and activists want to turn the Wendy's on University Avenue into the Rayshard Brooks Peace Center. 

They held a rally Saturday afternoon to demand that Atlanta elected officials stop blocking negotiations with the Wendy’s corporation.  

More than 1,500 people signed a petition and dozens of people showed up to the rally to show government officials that the community does support the Rayshard Brooks Peace Center. 

“We’re here for a protest and a rally to gain support for the Rayshard Brooks Peace Center,” said Jamal Taylor, an organizer with Community Movement Builders.

The Rayshard Brooks Peace Center activists and community movement builders took over the steps of City Hall Saturday afternoon. 

Activists initiated communications with the Wendy’s corporation to turn the Wendy’s site where Rayshard Brooks was killed into a peace center for community advancement. 

“Rayshard Brook’s life has brought alive a conversation of violence prevention here in the city of Atlanta,” said Georgia U.S. Senate Candidate, Al Bartell.

Organizers say they’ve already raised funds, talked to people in the neighborhood, knocked on doors, and got an overwhelming amount of support…despite that, they say elected officials aren’t on board. 

“We’ve been in negotiation with the Wendy’s Corporation, and those negotiations were blocked,” Taylor added.

The goal is to create a community center that memorializes people who have been victims of police brutality, create a space for community outreach, after school programs for kids, and job training. 

“So that we can bring about peace and collaboration between the police and community,” Bartell said, “City Hall, the Mayor, and City Council, has an opportunity to bridge the gap and make that partnership happen.

They’re demanding a sit down with the Wendy’s corporation and Atlanta city officials to negotiate what happens next to the site of Rayshard Brooks’ murder, now viewed as a sacred space by many.  

“We have not gone away, we will stand strong about the partnership between the city of Atlanta and the community itself to decrease incidents of violence in the city,” added Bartell.

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