Tank Town USA is located in the beautiful Appalachian mountains of north Georgia, just six miles outside of downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia.


  • Morganton, Georgia (Fannin County)
    10408 Appalachian Hwy., Morganton, GA 30560

Time of Drive

  • 1 hr 40 min (97 miles)

Distance from Atlanta

  • 97 miles north of Atlanta

Route Driven

Cost of Admission

  • $150-599

More information

Drive tanks. Crush cars. That’s what’s going on at Tank Town USA in Morganton, GA. Yes, YOU can get behind the controls of an Armored Personnel Carrier, or APC, and drive it through the dirt and mud AND you can CRUSH other cars with it! You can operate construction equipment too!

If you go...

  • You must have a valid government issued drivers’ license (or learners’ permit) to operate any of the machinery.

  • Don’t wear your favorite tshirt/jeans. Wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty and is comfortable and allows movement. They’ll provide mud boots for you if needed.

Julie's Notes:

Tank Town USA

When you get to Tank Town, one thing you’ll notice is a dirt play area for kids with toy tanks and constructions vehicles. It’s a fun time for the kiddos until they get big enough to drive.

Speaking of tanks, if you’re as brave as CBS46 photographer Erin Coker was, you can actually sit in a spectator seat on top of the tank. She was amazed at how smoothly I was able to handle the huge piece of machinery. I’m just kidding...we were both holding on for dear life when I headed for the big ditches and puddles!

One thing Tank Town can help you with is stress relief. You get to smash the windows out of a car before you demolishing it with the tank. If you’re like me, I’d never swung a sledgehammer before. That was quite an experience and I may have to come back for that!

  • I like to have fun so thought it would be hilarious to see Tank Town Todd’s reaction if he thought I was serious about being ready to drive a tank in a skirt and heels because they were camo. He didn’t react much at first! He played it safe so as not to offend me if I was serious. Once I laughed and told him I was of course JOKING, he heaved a sigh of relief and THEN he started laughing. Check it out in the Web Extra Video!
  • I actually didn’t realized I’d get to smash the windows out of a car before demolishing it with the tank. I’ve never swung a sledgehammer before.. it was fun! Immediately, that old break up song “Bust Your Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan came to mind. Remember that one?
  • April through Mid-December open rain or shine. Mid-December through March, reservations dependent on snow or extreme cold and will be rescheduled in those cases.
  • I happened to be there when it was muddy and giant puddles still sat from recent rain. I may have had as much fun driving through those as I did crushing the car!
  • I didn’t realize how small the driver’s compartment would be. You have to be able to climb (with a ladder and Todd’s help) on top of the tank and lower yourself straight down into the opening.
  • I didn’t have time that day to operate the excavator but the guys that were there were having a blast with it. I know my little two year old nephew would geek out over it.

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