19-year-old Zerubabbel Yisrael is excited to show off his new car.

"It doesn't have too many miles on it, and I'm still learning to drive it, but it's a pretty good car," he says as he describes the first car he's ever owned.

He works the night shift at his local Publix, and until recently, it took him an hour to walk the few miles to work.

"I always liked to be out early so if I know I had to be there at six, I'd wake up at five, maybe four," he says.

Every step of those miles was money in his pocket as he saved money to buy a car. It was something he discussed with Adam Speiler, who up until recently was the deli manager at the same Publix. "We'd be closing at the end of the night," says Adam. "We would just sit right here and talk," Zerubabbel adds.

"I told him, you know, my whole life I couldn't really afford to buy myself a new car," Adam reflects. When he was recently promoted, and able to replace his old car, these conversations with Zerubabbel came to mind.

"It was still in good shape and has less than 90,000 miles on it and I was thinking do I trade it in or be in a situation where I can finally help someone?" Adam says. "The moment I thought of Z- I thought it was the perfect person to give the car to."

It was a big moment for Zerubabbel. "I don't have to worry about being late and it betters my chances of being promoted now because if they want to promote me I would have to go to a store three to four miles away. I can easily get there in a car," he says.

The CBS46 Surprise Squad and United Community Bank were so moved by this story of friendship, we gave Zerubabbel and Adam each $500 to spend on their new cars.

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