(CNN) -- A New York man decided to ring in the new decade with a new chapter in life by asking his longtime girlfriend to marry him on New Year’s Eve.

She said yes, but a few hours later, there was heartbreak as the couple dropped the ring down a grate, prompting some firefighters to come to the rescue.

As the ball dropped in Times Square, and millions rang in the new year, Danny Tay figured it was also time to ring in a brand new chapter into his life in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

New York couple engagement ring

He got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend of two years, Asha Cesar.

The Jamaica, Queens couple celebrated for hours, but when they returned to their car parked in Crown Heights on Nostrand Avenue, they lost their ring.

"The ring was loose. I was going to open the car door and I just saw it fly off of my finger and fall right here under this grate,” Cesar said. “ Danny was silent for a good hour and half it felt like."

The couple didn't know what to do. They called 911, 311. The ring was sitting about five feet under this grate. They tried for about an hour to fish it out themselves.

That entire time, Asha prayed. Then finally they decided to drive to the nearest firehouse and beg for help.

"We just looked so pathetic,” Cesar said. “It's freezing. It's 4 o'clock on the morning. It's New Year's."

That’s when firefighter Peter Morawek stepped in to help.

Couple with firefighter

"We got together and we got coat hangers and duct tape,” Morawek said. “ And I told her as we approached, I said ma'am, this is a very advance tool. Be careful. Stand back. I got it on the edge and she was like 'oh my goodness I'm gonna cry' and I told her don't cry yet because I might drop it. And I dropped it."

But luck came with the second try.

"I put it in my hand and I told the husband to 'step away from the grate sir,' and brought him away from the grate and handed it off to him," Morawek said.

Engine 249 Ladder 113, you might just want them at the wedding and you might want him as your ringbearer.

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