ATLANTA (CBS46) -- On Drummond Street in Atlanta just west of the city, there’s a nasty problem that’s more than just an eyesore.

Jeanie Driscoll said she complained to Code Enforcement with the city of Atlanta about an illegal dump across the street, but six months has passed and it’s only getting worse.

“That’s what happens. They just ignore it. Oh, it will go away. It’s not going away, it’s getting worse,” Driscoll said. “Everything is just despicable. Human waste is over there. We’re positive of that.

Michael Moore is also fed up with the trash. He said it has attracted rats, roaches, and flies. So, we contacted Atlanta’s Code Enforcement Department and they sent an inspector out assess the mess.

“It used to be so nice and beautiful,” Moore said. “Sometimes that right there smells when it’s real hot and humid. In the evening you want to sit down and the mosquitoes and flies they just make it unpleasant to sit out here.”

According to tax records, the property is owned by Ashview Holdings in Atlanta. We contacted the company but could not reach the CEO.

Code Enforcement said a notice of non-compliance was mailed to the property owner in July; but no action was taken. The city now intends to issue a citation and have the trash and debris removed if the owner fails to clean it up.

“I’ve had it. Nobody wants to do anything about it. But you know this is a historical MLK area and I respect him very much and that’s disrespectful,” Driscoll said.

Driscoll said Morehouse College owns property next to the dump site and she can’t get them to help solve the problem either.

The Department of Public Works sent CBS46 a statement regarding the matter and said they have taken aggressive measures in response to illegal sites within the city. And a crew is scheduled to remove the trash and debris at 9 AM Saturday morning.

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