ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- A months-long Bulldog Crime Patrol investigation found an unexplained spike in the number of reported rapes in the city of Atlanta.

We also found that more than half of all incidents aren’t being cleared.

The Bulldog investigative team poured over crime data from the Atlanta Police Department. What did we find? In 2019 there was a clear spike in reported rapes in every police zone.

Zones 1 and 4, NW and SW Atlanta respectively, led the pack in sheer incidents. We also looked at which zones had the biggest increases. Zone 5, Midtown/Downtown, had a 28% increase year-to-date. Zone 2, Buckhead, had a 21% increase in reported rapes.

But even more alarming, we found the clearance rate for these crimes is low, and it depends on the zone. 

In Zone 2 for example, which is Buckhead,  only five arrests have been made in 23 reported rapes this year. Citywide there is a 44.4% clearance rate; meaning more than half of all cases aren't being cleared. 

And in Zone 4, SW Atlanta, barely five percent (4.7%) of this year's 42 reported rapes have been cleared. 

While Atlanta being the metro's largest city bears the brunt of scrutiny, our research found the numbers mirror a county-wide and even national trend. 

According to FBI data we reviewed, incidents of reported rape have grown each of the last six years. In 2017-2018, +2.6 (approximately 3K).

A review of GBI data for Fulton County as a whole found a similar trend. 

APD says they can’t pinpoint whats driving the increased numbers, but believes the "me too" movement has made people more comfortable reporting sexual assaults.

We asked APD for an on-camera interview for this story. They declined.

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