ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Latron Brown had only been working for J.C. Penney for five months when he was furloughed.

"They said we was going to be furloughed for two weeks," Brown told Better Call Harry. "But two weeks later they said they don't know when we (were) coming back."

With J.C. Penney filing for bankruptcy, Brown may not be coming back at all. Brown has been eligible for unemployment, but it has been 10 weeks since the company filed his claim with the Georgia Department of Labor, and Brown has received no payments.

"What are you doing for money?" Harry asked him.

" I give plasma twice a week," Brown said. "They take your plasma and pay you for it but it’s not a lot of money. Thirty for the first donation and forty for the second donation."

Brown turned to selling his plasma after he ran out of belongings to pawn. He met Better Call Harry at the Georgia Department of Labor office in College Park. Though the office was closed, a crowd of people showed up, many asking Harry for help.

Latron Brown received his help. After discovering J.C. Penney entered his name wrong, the Georgia Department of Labor fixed the error and informed Brown he will be receiving 10 weeks of payments.

Here's Harry's tip for today. One problem we’re hearing again and again is how people have applied but have never received their payment. You have to go online each week and request the payment. Otherwise the Department of Labor says it can not release the funds.

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I too am having issues receiving my UI benefits. I think I know what's going on based on my experience. It is a problem with employ GA website. Even though I'm registered, when I try to log in everyday, I can't get into my account and have to contact employ ga everyday. If employ ga site registration requirements in order to receive benefits, then when you go to log in everyday and the system is "no longer" recognizing your username and email, then technically you are not registered and in turn won't receive payment. The problem is looks like it's with the Employ GA site. PLease pass this one. I've been calling them everyday to have to reset my account. This is Ridiculous.

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